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Welcome to my Encouragement Corner!

Lovely of you to join me here.

Hi, I’m Anne, a retired teacher and School Principal,

Passionate about writing, journalling, and speaking, love being outdoors. I’m a Mam, a Granny, an avid bargain hunter! and there’s nothing I enjoy more than sipping a cuppa outside, chatting to anyone who happens to be passing by!

Watch this creative space for seeds of Encouragement, Personal Growth, and Creativity.

Thank you for being here.

      Le grá


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My Story

Hi, Anne Devine here.

Everybody has a story.

Well, Here’s mine!


As a child growing up on a farm on Okyle Hill in West Waterford,

I loved visiting and listening to stories from elderly neighbours.

I’d then dive into my cabby house at the back of our haggard and write

my own stories, occasionally pinning them onto trees. Proud as Punch I was.


In adult life, I spent my entire teaching career listening to stories from children and encouraging them, in every way I could. And learning from them too.


Retirement from teaching opened another chapter in my life.

 Through my daily journalling, I heard a creative inner voice asking:

“When will you write that book that’s in your head?” Been there for years!

And so, I encouraged myself to do just that!

My story grew, not legs, thankfully!

I received invites to speak to various groups on the topic of Encouragement.


Just like that young 9 year old Anne on Okyle Hill, I am once again privileged to listen to others peoples’ stories and am truly loving the engagement, the banter, the reflective listening and the encouraging nature of it all. Knowing this kind of work matters gives real meaning to my life.




Every Life Story always has The Next Chapter.

I can’t wait to write mine!  To fill it with Joy and Hope and Encouragement.

And to hear what your story is.


Do stay connected here.  Always Remember The Power of One.


One Word, one Step, one Kindness, Each Day Carve out Time to

Encourage Yourself, Encourage Others.


Le Grá,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

00 353 (0)85 716 7873

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